Class Coordinator / Personal Trainer


I have always had a keen interest my own health and fitness, I loved sport and competed at national and international level.

I left my home in the midlands for a new start in Leeds, which meant my fitness routine took a hit, and man, did i miss it!

My full-time work in Leeds University labs can be quite stressful,  I work in the cancer research department so it can be mentally challenging knowing how many people are affected by it.

The stresses of moving away and working in the field i chose really brought it home to me how important exercise is for my mental health.

I pride myself on making sure my clients, enjoy their training and feel not only the physical improvements but also the mental health benefits – this is why i put so much love and energy into the dance based classes i teach, i get a real buzz seeing everyone having an absolute blast and leave smiling from ear to ear.

Senior Personal Trainer


Education is important to me, I regularly attend seminars, listen to podcasts and read to keep up to date with current research in training and nutrition.

Client adherence is one of the biggest obstacles i face as a coach, i always try to keep training varied but outcome specific – another important factor for my clients is to have a somewhat competitive mindset when it comes to training.

Its the same with nutrition i earned my precision nutrition certification so i have access to an evidence based online nutrition programme – this habit based programme helps me educate my clients on how to build a healthy relationship with food and it fits alongside their training so we can focus on fitness, body image and performance goals.