Personal Trainers

Joe Gledhill

“I joined New Image Fitness Centre as a terrified novice in Jan 2000, I was eager to learn and I was overwhelmed with how much better I felt in myself as I improved, I wanted to be the guy that helped others achieve, I learnt so much from the owners and my passion for the fitness industry grew. 

I started working towards a qualification in 2001 and then went on to secure a job at another gym in summer 2002. The big change came in Dec 2003 when I became part owner of New Image I couldnt believe it, what an opportunity, I was still working just as hard for the other gym when in 2007 I became full owner of New Image and subsequently changed the name - Joe G's Fitness Centre was born.

Education is massively important to me, I regularly attend seminars use podcasts and read to keep up to date with current research in training and nutrition, I am currently working towards my Precision Nutrition certification which will enable me to go even further with clients regarding their nutrition and performance goals. 

Alongside running the gym and working with my clients I am proud to work within the local NHS trust helping with staff wellbeing. 

Gemma Hemmings

I have always been interested in sport and fitness,competing at both a national and international level, since leaving my home in the midlands to move to leeds, I realised how much i missed the fitness, the buzz. My full time work can be quite stressful, I work in the labs at the university hospital in cancer research so its mentally challenging knowing how much people are affected by it.

Health is massively important to me, mental and physical, I knew if I could channel my stress into something like fitness instructing I could handle anything so in 2011 I became a freelance Zumba Instructor.

Watching people grow in both strength and self-worth is a great thing to be a part of and instructing was so rewarding.

It was one of my clients that introduced me to Joe and the atmosphere at Joe G's was an instant fit with me, and thankfully my class was an instant success, the training ethos, the members everything just felt right. After several months of teaching the class Joe approached me about becoming a PT, I am so glad I did.

The icing on the cake came in 2014 when I became part owner I now teach more classes, have my own clients and I still manage to work full time too.

Fitness is lifechanging.