We can learn from toddlers.

During my time in the fitness industry I have seen an increase in the postural weakness of the general public.


The common similarity I am seeing is sitting, more people are sitting for longer.

the amount of time people are sat at desks, in offices, cars, trains, planes coffee shops etc is having a dramatic effect on posture and this can then lead to more chronic conditions such as back pain, hip and knee pain, neck pain, headaches and that’s just listing a few.


If we agree that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, we can say the same applies to us as people.


Let’s imagine a seat as an exo-skeletal, the chair or seat creates a form that the body, if allowed will replicate - so our own skeleton and musculoskeletal system is in part redundant.

This can lead to very serious muscular imbalances that in turn can lead to pain.


Sitting, is learnt, or as the picture below illustrates –‘forced’, its not instinctual or natural, for example think about this for a second - imagine a toddler, do we need to teach them how to move with good form, do we teach them the posture they should adopt to squat, crawl or run?.... no we have to teach them, more often than not - FORCE them to sit.


We teach young adults about posture.. I teach people daily how they should squat


Look at the two images below.. Can you relate to them?



 Being sat for long periods can create other issues in addition to pain, it can affect how our bodies use fuel, this in turn will have an effect on our relationship with food, which, when compounded will negatively affect body composition and body-mass.


Thanks for reading.

Keep an eye out for my next post that relates this topic to the corporate environments and the effect sitting has on productivity and morale.



Keep moving peeps 


Joe G